As the number of kinship caregivers increases for children in foster care and more child welfare jurisdictions adopt a “kin first” placement practice, the need to provide specialized support for relatives is becoming even more crucial.

Training series one and two were produced by The Annie E. Casey Foundation. Series one is geared towards professionals and is entitled, “Engaging Kinship Caregivers: Managing Risk Factors in Kinship Care”. Series two is geared towards caregivers and is entitled “Coping with the Unique Challenges of Kinship Care”. Each series includes a discussion guide to help program directors, supervisors and trainers lead group sessions to deepen the learning experience.

Training series three, entitled “Kinship Care”, was produced by Northwest Media.

Training Series One
Produced by The Annie E. Casey Foundation

Accessible online at The University of Pennsylvania School of Social Work Continuing Education Program offering continue education units.

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